About Me

Mar'jor'ie, n.
{Origin: a concrete jungle}

a person, female bodied, who uses female pronouns.  Writes not infrequently; can often be seen napping in a fetal position, eating copious amounts of cheese, and procrastinating on the Internet.  Speaks several languages, but puts most effort into Chinese because complex squiggles are cool. (See also: crying for mother, pizza, questionable sanity, underwear dance parties, writers)

Common usages:
Concerned Individual: I saw someone in a concrete jungle curled in a fetal position eating Brie and crying for her mother.  Was it Marjorie?

Friend of Marjorie's: No.  Marjorie does not eat Brie.

Mar' jor' ie, v., trans.
1. To denounce something emphatically due to poor grammar, lack of creativity, or a poorly proven premise. (See also:  arguing, Glenn Beck, New York sense of entitlement)
2. To be aggressively jaded about something (See also: tourists in New York)