Works in Progress

 The Split Ends of Hennessey Road

Twenty-two-year-old Timothy Williams is a loser.  He has no education, no job, no prospects, is eighty pounds overweight and has never had a girlfriend.  With no hope of things getting better, he takes his late father's gun down to the riverbank one morning with plans to end it all.  Then he gets a call from his younger sister, who is involved with the town's most prominent drug dealer.  She is in labor with her first child.

Suddenly Timothy finds himself in charge of an infant, and his life takes on new meaning...and mounting responsibilities.  Desperate for work, he asks his friend and leader of an organized crime ring Nemo Kaczynski for a job.  But when Nemo is murdered, Timothy is in the center of a criminal investigation that needs his testimony--a testimony that could land his sister in prison.  Torn between his family and his future and plagued by memories of his dead father, Timothy's life has come down to a single choice.  His decision might very well be his last shot at a life of his own, happiness, and--if he can dare hope for it--love.