Saturday, November 6, 2010

Culture Shocked. Be right back.

Hey everyone,

If I haven't posted in a while or not gotten back to your emails, it's because my brain has been completely fried--well done--from culture shock.  I don't want to fill this blog with negativity and long rants, because it's not Taiwan's fault that I'm going through this very normal phase of adjusting to a very different culture.  I have a drawerful of postcards and letters that I've promised to send.  I will send them.  I haven't forgotten you.  If you read this blog, if you talk to me online, if you pray for me, thank you.  My brain will one day unstick itself and become more functional.  There really is nothing I can do but wait for my Humpty-Dumpty brain to put itself back together again.

In the meantime, I turn this blog over to you, dear readers.  YOU will be the ones determining the subject of the next post.  You have three anecdotes to choose from:

1. A party that I recently attended that was broken up by the cops.
2. An incident involving an oversized sanitary napkin
3. Political maneuvering in a Taiwanese dorm.

Simply comment at the bottom with the following: 1, 2, or 3.  Whichever you think will be funniest or most interesting or what you'd like to read the most.  Whichever topic gets the most votes I'll write about.  I know there are some of you out there that are okay with whatever I write about, but please pick a topic.  My brain is culture shocked.  Be right back.

See you all next week,


  1. I vote for number 1.

    Sincerely yours,
    Luis "The Bear" Alicea

  2. I pick #2 just for the heck of it

  3. 3 (though i'm fine with any). culture shock's miserable poor marjorie! *hug* good luck getting your life back together! and let me know when you're free, we can chat

  4. This is really difficult to choose. I'm going to say 3 because I like activism, but 2 sounds rad ridiculous awesome cool (or at least strange).

  5. (Also: semi-subtitled kind of life?!?!?!? LOVE IT!)