Thursday, January 27, 2011

Holy Cow--New People!

I linked my blog over at T.H. Mafi's Grab a Pen a day or so ago...and now there are some new folks!  Hi, guys!

A few things about me:

  • I'm Marjorie.  I'm 21.  Undergraduate student.  No siblings.
  • Recently come out as a writer.  Am currently working on two writing projects: revising a short story and *just* beginning a novel...we'll see how that goes.
  • Born and raised in a large U. S. city; currently studying abroad in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China.  Been here since August.
  • I started this blog reluctantly; I think I'm going to take it more seriously now that more people are, um, reading it.  Yeah...
  • Have been studying Chinese since I was fourteen.
  • Foodie and bookie: I will read anything good and eat anything delicious.  Anything.
  • There's always some Chinese homework I should be doing...
  • I also speak the following languages with varying levels of competence: French, Spanish, International English, International Chinese (trust me, those last two are languages in their own right)
Please introduce yourselves in the comments below.  Don't be shy: I'd love to get to know you!

Welcome to Upwards Over the Mountain!


  1. You won't believe this, but I started Mandarin at 16, speak French, understand Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

    I'm so happy to meet another closet linguist. ;-)

    Zai Jian!!!

  2. Hi Marjorie! I wanted to say again that I read your title over at Tahereh's blog and I LOVED it. Just what a title should do: caught my attention and made me wonder what your book is about.
    Me: I took French and Spanish back in the day, so I can swear and talk a smattering of each. Unfortunately, I speak them simultaneously and fill in with English when I can't think of the word I need in either of the other languages.
    Foodie and Bookie: check.
    Born in US: Check, but have not left U.S.
    Novels: Working on my sixth, check.
    Married Mommy: Check.
    Love having new writer friends: Checkity, check check!

  3. I don't know why you have to "come out" as a writer. I realize i dont understand blogging. but what i do observe is that people need to be heard and they need to connect. In my day we used to spend hours on the telephone, now a days its the computer. Regardless of the tool the basic premise applies, people need to talk to each other and connect. Writing is a tool that gives breath to our souls and allows us to share that creation eternally at our leisure. I enjoy reading because i love people and recently rediscovered that a writers voice can be equaled to listening to someone talk which is what I love to do. Remember, writer speak.