Thursday, March 24, 2011

Writer-Blogger Thursdays: Cliche or Plot Twist?

I got this from Deirdra:

Thank you so much!

Secondly, I have something to ask you guys.

My work in progress is about a young man who becomes the sole caretaker of his infant niece.  He faces a lot of obstacles, not the least of which is keeping his sister's unsavory associates (she's dating a drug dealer) off of his doorstep.

Recently I've been focusing a lot more on the sister's character development, and I've come up with a good reason for the sister and niece to suddenly disappear.

Is a kidnapping/disappearance of the baby girl a good plot twist, or just a cliche?

What are your thoughts?

DISCLAIMER: No baby girls, real or imagined, will be harmed in the writing of this novel.


  1. I think the kidnapping thing could work depending on how you choose to pull it off. I hope though that the father comes across as a good man and shows concern for the daughter. I'm getting sick and tired of coming across novels where the man is written as a deadbeat dad, etc. I really enjoyed the movie "Taken" with Liam Neesom in it because he was a heroic awesome father that got his daughter back (albeit she wasn't a baby). I remember thinking, "This is incredible because the father is actually an awesome dad!"

  2. Ehhh it does toe the line on cliche given my first instinct is the drug dealers or the brother are behind the kidnapping to keep the ladies from the other guy. If you can throw down a new spin on it, go for it.

  3. I think you can always put a new spin on an old cliche. I would read a couple books where the kidnapping is the focal point to make sure your idea is unique.

  4. As has already been said, with anything it depends on how its done. A unique but poorly executed idea is ten times worse than seeing something that might be considered cliche done really well (because the former COULD'VE been so good, you know!)

    Cliches are most irksome when it doesn't seem like a natural occurrence of the story, or you think "that character wouldn't do that!" Making it make sense to your story is an important step, and maybe half the battle.