Thursday, February 16, 2012

A few updates

I've decided to legally change my name.  I'll be substituting my one last name for two last names in honor of the two people who have expended the energy to raise me.  One is related to me biologically; the other is not.  Nonetheless, they are my parents, I love them both, and I want my name to reflect that.
I've decided to begin a new blog, Penetrating Syllogisms, which will likely go up sometime in March.  I used to beat myself up about not really posting when I got back from Beijing at the end of August, but a) school was hectic, and b) reverse culture shock and the emotional maturation that follows can be messy and I wasn't ready to vomit undigested feelings onto a semi-public space.  Finally, I'm okay with this being just a travel blog that captures just one year of my life.  It was a lot of things, that year, but it was.  I'm in a different place now, pursuing new projects and thinking about a variety of things, and I want a new place to explore all of that.

The people I have met along this journey have thoroughly impressed me with their wit, kindness, humor and insight.  I would like to take all of you with me, but I understand if you can't make the trip.

It's been amazing.  Hope to see most, if not all of you, in March.



  1. Sounds good. Best of luck with your future endeavors. :-)

  2. YHWH makes all things new. New name, new time in life, new blog, makes sense to me? Go for it! I love you very much and will follow you to the ends of the earth!

  3. I have no doubt you'll find me 'hanging around' somewhere. Good luck in all that you do!


  4. Woooot! Congrats on adjusting back to into the home-culture and "Andrew" ;) I'm sure the new blog will be lovely when you launch it!