Thursday, September 1, 2011


I'm in the Apple store in Manhattan falling in love with a Mac as we speak.  I'd like to take a minute to congratulate Misty Provencher and Michael Offut for getting agented and book deal'd.  You guys are awesome and have been longtime supporters of this blog.  I am proud to be your friend in the blogosphere.

Things are still a whirlwind.  School is just a few days away, and I need to post a longer post about Beijing with a few pictures.  I mean, we need at least one of me on the Great Wall! :)

And I will get around to talking more about the lovely award Steph Schmidt gave me.  Non-jet lagged brain FTW.

Love you guys!



  1. go from Manhattan to China to Taiwan. Thanks for the shout out Marjorie. And Misty is so excited. I been hanging out on her blog. The agent is such a huge deal. She's gonna be a NYT bestselling just wait :)

  2. I was wondering if you got a Mac. I just got my first ever and I. LOVE. IT. Hope you enjoy yours and thanks for the shout out, my world traveller girl!

  3. I have a Mac but only because my school gave it to me. They are wonderful!