Friday, February 4, 2011

Guest Post! New Year! Other Stuff!

Today I'm guest posting on Misha Gericke's blog on my recent admission to the Hall of Writing and My Feelings Thereof.  Misha is lovely and this Friday is the first in a series of guest blog posts.   You should totally check it out.

Happy Bunny Year!  Last night I lit fireworks in the park next to campus with a couple of classmates from my program.  In the U. S. lighting fireworks is totally illegal, so I felt like a rebel without a cause, except in Taiwan fireworks are legal and the cause is that it's New Year's and everyone else in Taipei is setting off fireworks.

Next week I shall be in the sunny south of the island, staying in a Buddhist temple eating vegetarian things and hopefully taking advantage of the lack of internet to write my little butt off.  (After I check Facebook one last time.  Seriously, this is it!  I swear!)

ALSO: THE SUN IS OUT.  I AM SO CONFUSED EXCITED I AM GOING TO STAY INSIDE WITH THE SHADES DRAWN.  (Surely there must be some mistake.  The sun doesn't shine in Taipei.)


  1. Hahaha the sun shining can be scary. ;-)

    If you want, you can go back every now and then and reply to comments on your guest post.


  2. Just read your guest post--LOVED IT!!!!! You really captured the essence of "writer."

    Best of luck with your studies and writing. ;)

  3. Do you have to be vegetarian to be Buddhist?

  4. Great guest post! And :O SUN?! Definitely hide away. It can't be true!

  5. @Michael: Not necessarily, but most serious, practicing Buddhists tend to be. It's a bit more of a custom than a religious stipulation, because even though the Buddha commanded not to kill sentient living things, he and his disciples ate meat others had slaughtered. Personally, I love the vegetarian food here. They way they season the tofu is divine.

    @Devin: Thanks for the positive feedback!

  6. Hey Marjorie, just popped over from Mischa's blog *waves*. I enjoyed reading your guest post, looking forward to getting to know you better :)


  7. Hey sweetie always love to see you writing. Enjoy your vacation. You always did love the beach!