Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Sheriff In Town

So, winter finally seems to be over, new exchange students have arrived, and a new semester is just beginning.  Apologies for not posting for a while: had some loose ends (finals, visa) that needed tying up.  But!  I have decided, in the spirit of spring and renewal-ness, that I'm going to be refocusing this blog some.  When I first started blogging six months ago, I was like "eh, this isn't really my thing."  Then it was "ooh!  Lots of cool shiny blogs out there about subjects I'm interested in"!  And now, after some soul-searching, I feel ready to join the ranks of the blogosphere.  I've learned about blogging, given myself a new interface, have new followers, and have content that I can condense into something that is readable.  In other words: I AM GOING TO BLOG MY LITTLE HEART OUT LIKE I MEAN IT LOOK OUT HERE I COME.

Yes?  Yes.

Updates are now scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays, unless an asteroid hits earth or I'm too tired otherwise noted.

Tuesday will be something about my life here in Taiwan.

Thursday will be something writing related.

ARE YOU READY FOR EPICNESS?  (The answer to that is yes.  Of course you are.)

See you all Tuesday!
Happy Spring!

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