Monday, February 14, 2011

We all need romance sometimes.

Here is a portion of the climax scene of my work in progress, in the spirit of Valentine's Day.  Whether you're single, married, divorced, dating, engaged, or recently broken up, I wish you romance and love.

I got down on my knees.  A word of advice to you guys who are proposing: when you kneel, do it slowly.  I dropped all my weight to the floor at once, and I almost busted my kneecaps.
            “You would make me the happiest man on earth if you’ll marry me,” I said.  “But if not, I will spend the rest of my life seeing to it that you’re happy.  If you need me tomorrow, next week, a year from now, ten years from now, I will be there for you.  You wanna marry someone else?  I’ll be first in line to shake that lucky bastard’s hand, right after I cut my heart out with a spoon.  Because your happiness means more to me than anything else.”
            Connie’s eyes misted over.  More people were congregating in the lobby.  They formed a half circle around us. 
            “I don’t have that much to offer you,” I went on.  “I’ve got an incredible little girl who needs a mom, and I can paint so-so. But I will spend every second of the rest of my life thinking about you and wondering if you’re okay, whether you’re in my life or not.  I’ve spent the last twenty-seven years feeling sorry for myself, and I’m not going to waste one more moment thinking about my miserable life.  My life is yours now.  You can take it or leave it, but it will always be yours.”  I took a deep breath.  “Happy Valentine’s Day.”
            A few tears dripped down Connie’s nose.  She squeezed my hand.
            “For God’s sake, say yes!” an older woman cried.  I held my breath.  Everyone else seemed to be, too.

What would you say to this proposal?


  1. I haven't written her response yet! Would you say yes if someone said that to you?